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November 2008

Leaves of Nov 2Leaves of Nov

October 2008

Bill and Lisa 2008Looking behind them, a large mushroomUrban Mushroom

September 2008

Gates of the ColloseumBen and the Tourist TradeVatican Museum StairsTemple FacadeRome WalkwayAt the VaticanTSVPOPompei ColumnPath to the GamesVenice PidgeonsPompei SidewalkPompei DogEmanuella, 2008Venice WallThe EyeStansted Bus ShelterIl due cani

August 2008

Joellie and DaveOpeongo Driftwood at Sunset (HDR)Cloud over Opeongo 2 (HDR)Cloud over Opeongo (HDR)Cloud above MarmadukeStorm approaching Opeongo Narrows (HDR)Sault Truck Detail 3Sault Truck Detail 2Sault Truck Detail 1

July 2008

Calcified ProtuberanceAccumulation15 Years of Water

May 2008

Sam, 1994-2008No ParkingHalf Buried Lawn Chair

April 2008

Sam in a SnowstormIcicles 2Icicles 1Eaves DrainCondensedIcicles 7Icicles 6Icicles 5Icicles 4Icicles 3The Building through WindowStreetcar PatronIcicles 9Icicles 10Coat DetailWalking DreamSidewalk SnowSidewalk GrateAbandoned Bike on Neepawa

March 2008

Self Portrait 2008Abandoned Silo on the Waterfront

February 2008

All you need is...Cherry and DonBelly of the TowerBarnacles on the Capital

January 2008

Parking Lot OfficeJohn St ChairsCracked WindowAbandoned Snowbank