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Me, 2006, by BillNot daily, necessarily, not annotated, usually, not unusually necessary, at least not daily.

I've been doing this for a while, 25 years with the camera, 7 years with a photoblog. Purely obscure. But that's no problem. The pressure's off. Hope you like what you see.

A Photo Timeline:

Dec 4 2009: updated: more photocentric

July 2008: Using Canon 40D

Jan 4 2007: goes handrolled php

May 2005: Using Canon Digital Rebel XT

Nov 4 2002: goes live w handrolled html frames

May 1988: Using Canon EOS 620

May 1984: Using Canon AE-1

Pre-May 1984: Using Kodak Instamatic

Like rooms, each section relates to a particular outmoded aesthetic, the tastes of certain periods, the embellishments of certain emotions. Emotional history, visual sublimation, translated. Each translation limited by ignorance of the visual cannon, the infinity of dialectics, or an occasional lack of taste.