CNE Telephone
Fool Me To Win
Ferris Wheel Detail
CNE Akimbo
TTC Gate and Tower
TTC Gate
Ferris Wheel Pods
Express Bus Windshield
CNE Fence
Upset Sparrow
Driftwood on Fundy Bay
Driftwood Roots
Weir on the Bay of Fundy
Sea Food Plus
Phone Booth by the Church
Economy United Church 2
Economy United Church 1
Route 204, Cumberland County
Cape dOr Bench
Cape dOr
Amherst Train Station
3783 Hwy 2, Colchester
Partridge Island
Trail to Cape dOr
Picnic table cover and Fence
Diligent River
Abandoned Trailer near Harrison Settlement
Seaweed and Sandstone
Moose Island
Fundy Bay in the Rain
Five Islands
Economy Point
Economy Falls 2