Nathan Philips Square Shadows 1
Nathan Philips Square Arches
Bay and Queen Bus Shelter
401 Rest Stop
Outlet Mall Tracks
Niagara River Tree
Niagara River Gulls
Military Rd Hydro Tower
Lewiston Resevoir Tree
Lewiston Reservoir Park
College St Phonebooth
Trenton Field
Richmond Back Alley 2
Warehouse Pidgeon
Sumach Fencepost
Queens Quay Dock
Queen Cracks 4
McCaul Wall 4
Light Bubbles
Junction Tracks
Junction Silo
Junction Silo 2
Junction Hydro Tower
Neepawa Cabbage
Ernest Dumpster 3
Ernest Dumpster 2
Ernest Dumpster 1
Erick at Dark Horse
E with Cigarette
E at Devils Martini
E and Ben at College and Dufferin
Distillery Janitor
Distillery Barrells
Detritus Novelty 2
Bruce at Friendly Thai
Bill at Devils Martini