E on Church with Cigarette
Hawk in Flight
Hang on St. Christopher
King Township Road
Joseph at Andy Pool Hall
Lexington Ave All Lit Up
Gladstone Barrier
Neepawa Alley Car Detail
Erick, 37
Wire Pidgeons
Sam on a Leash
High Park Swamp Reflection
Stairs of the Buddhist Temple
E at Friendly Thai
E, mid-torso w Sam
High Park Surface Tension
Marmaduke Sidewalk
Trails over Roncesvalles
Amy at The Local
Snowing on Roncesvalles
Missing Knocker
Bill at Queen Mother
Green Sign
Milky Stream
Dundas W Pedestrian Bridge Stairs
Dundas W Pedestrian Bridge Shadow
E on Porch
Hiawatha Dam 2009
Leaves of Nov 4
Leaves of Nov 7
Leaves of Nov 9
Leaves of Nov 6