Leaves of Nov 2
Leaves of Nov
Bill and Lisa 2008
Looking behind them, a large mushroom
Urban Mushroom
Gates of the Colloseum
Ben and the Tourist Trade
Vatican Museum Stairs
Temple Facade
Rome Walkway
At the Vatican
Pompei Column
Path to the Games
Venice Pidgeons
Pompei Sidewalk
Pompei Dog
Emanuella, 2008
Venice Wall
The Eye
Stansted Bus Shelter
Il due cani
Joellie and Dave
Opeongo Driftwood at Sunset (HDR)
Cloud over Opeongo 2 (HDR)
Cloud over Opeongo (HDR)
Cloud above Marmaduke
Storm approaching Opeongo Narrows (HDR)
Sault Truck Detail 3
Sault Truck Detail 2
Sault Truck Detail 1
Calcified Protuberance
15 Years of Water