A Wing- Somewhere over the Atlantic
Houston, the Future
Iron Mountain
Shrub from Elsewhere
Solana Beachdwellers
Elvis among his Admirers
Ball, Case, Dog and Cart
Sweater Bench Shadow
High Park Lattice
A Storm blows over the Core
Marie Curtis Park
Tower Square 2
Tower Square
No Lifeguard on Duty
Marie Curtis Beach Enshadowed
A Willow on the Edge of Mississauga
Enlightenment on the 506
A Bunker in High Park
Toronto from New Toronto
Riverdale Stone Bridge
Bell Adobe
Riverdale Park Running Dog
Under the Viaduct, Rosedale Valley
Piety Overlooking Dufferin
Window Silt
Painted Glass
Painted Rope
Window Shadows
Lasting Impressions
Left for Dead
Bycicles, Udine
Sault Ste Marie - The 80's