Sam, 1994-2008
No Parking
Half Buried Lawn Chair
Sam in a Snowstorm
Icicles 2
Icicles 1
Eaves Drain
Icicles 7
Icicles 6
Icicles 5
Icicles 4
Icicles 3
The Building through Window
Streetcar Patron
Icicles 9
Icicles 10
Coat Detail
Walking Dream
Sidewalk Snow
Sidewalk Grate
Abandoned Bike on Neepawa
Self Portrait 2008
Abandoned Silo on the Waterfront
All you need is...
Cherry and Don
Belly of the Tower
Barnacles on the Capital
Parking Lot Office
John St Chairs
Cracked Window
Abandoned Snowbank
Lint, 1999
Lint, 1998
Sault Turbines
Gros Cap Fauna