Rooftops of Firenze
Kawawaymog Dead Tree
Unimpressed Dog
Daniel Factory, San Daniele, 1987
This way and that
Nine Four
Dexter- 7 Months
CN Plus Guests
G20 Fence 1
G20 Fence Disassembled
Array of Sales Tools
Queens Park Food Fest
Underlit Balloon
Bel Paese
A Rummy in Trieste
A Janitor in Padova
E, Imprunetta, 2001 #3
Erick, Cairo
Aubrey Campfire
Livio in Rome, 1987
Ben at Brunch
E at Sunrise
Don, Kawawaymog, 2005
Derek, Kawawaymog, 2005
E, Imprunetta, 2001 #2
Amy, 2005
Bruce, Carlton, 1995, by E
Jen, 1989 #2
Erick, Rome, 1987
Livio, Venice, 1987
Emanuella, 1987
Angelo and Erick, 1987
Missinaibi Aurora 2
Spiked Foam