Walking By
Engine- Moon and Window Detritus
Erick, Paris 2012
Art Store Skylight
Illuminating the Falloff
Tour Eiffel, Unlike it Was
The Long Ascent
Rooftops of Paris
Pillars and posts
Engraved and Crosshatched
Street Tree and Loiterer at the Boulevard St. Michel
Picnickers and Layabouts
Invalides, Obscured
Eiffel Inside Out
Tour Eiffel and Squared Tree
Crossing Puddle and Reflection
Chimneys upon Blue
Parisian on a Bench with a Headset
A Tree Trawls the Seine
The Road
Park Bench, Gorizia
Farmhouse overlooking Slovenia
Window and texture
Goat, Staring
The Road to Sammardencia
Cividale del Friuli
Paris- Symmetric
Contempt, motorized
Feet atop Paris
The Tourist Trade - Eiffel
La Tour Eiffel
Border Crossing Station, Slovenia
Louvre Pyramid
Entering the Louvre