East End Fencing 3
East End Fencing 2
East End Fencing 1
Around the corner from Letcher
Goof Rats
Fire behind the hill
Number Seven Furnace
Algoma Steel behind fence
Nicolet Tavern
Queen Street Vacant Lot
Sun Kwong Restaurant
Queen Street Bus Shelter
Queen in shadow
42nd Street
Queen near Bruce
Radio waves above Queen Street
Victor Mann Florist
Three Trees Queen Street
Queen Street awash in pebbles
Sunny beyond the Lot
Mom and Pop
The Motel Motel Number 1
Mash Astray
Snow Receeding
Mosaic and Sash
Serif Relief
Ceiling Forms 2
Ceiling Forms
Ceiling Glass 2
Ceiling Glass
Doberman and Driver
Obfuscation Jigsaw